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The Portal of the Intercultural Community

The Portal of the Intercultural Community consists of a discussion forum, a magazine, a section with some research, an agenda and a section with useful information.

The Discussion Forum periodically proposes a subject to create an exchange of different opinions. Go to the current discussion forum and give us your opinion!

The Magazine informs on current topics and provides expert’s opinions and comments. You can submit texts and pictures to the editor.

Which are the current projects, initiatives, etc. in Switzerland? Check the Agenda! And if you know of other projects and initiatives, please let us hear about them!

The section on Useful Information is meant mainly for immigrants. It informs on rights and obligations as well as on opportunities. It answers the questions “what”, “where”, “who” and “how”. You are invited to develop this section of the portal with additional information. Thanks a lot!

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Author: Daniela Mencarelli  2004.               Dominican Republic, Samana .

© 2004 Daniela Mencarelli