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Belonging is the portal of the intercultural community. What do we mean by intercultural community? Rather mainly a joyful participation and share as just a separate coexistence of humans from different cultures. Belonging means to be comfortable where you live. Hence, one is willing to defend what we feel belongs to us. The portal sees itself as the medium of this topic and as the contribution to choose the way to an intercultural society.

For Belonging, integration is the process of reconciliation of cultural differences. The way to an intercultural community needs knowledge, communication, exchange, empathy and collaboration working on the collective goals. We place people, their needs and feelings at the centre of the discourse. The basic needs are the same for everyone: safety, love, peace, acceptance, accomplishment. We offer and support initiatives and projects in areas of life that are important to all. We want to value togetherness over segregation, and want the differences to be seen as enrichment.

As a discussion panel Belonging furthers the knowledge and exchange between various cultures - there is room for everyone. We support with this medium all initiatives that value the development of an intercultural community.

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